Russian art before 1917
Russian art before 1917
Baksheev V.N.
Dreams. 1916
Oil on canvas. 53,5×72
Bobrowski G.M.
Night swimming in Rome. The beginning of the 1910s
Oil on canvas. 40,5×50
Bychkov V.P.
In Reshma. At the Wharf. 1910s
Oil on canvas. 24,1×36,5
Isupov V.A.
Ural. On the river. 1912–1913
Cardboard, oil. 79.5×79.8
Byalynitsky-Birulya V.K.
May. 1930s
Oil on canvas. 64.5×79.8
Vinogradov S.A.
Summer landscape in Rodopoli, Latgale. Evening. 1930
Oil on canvas. 64.5×80
Kiseleva E.A.
Mother and daughter (Italian). 1911
Canvas, tempera. 129.5×89.2
Krymov N.P.
March day. 1925
Oil on canvas. 51×61,5
Corinne M.A.
On the catwalk. 1900s
Plywood, oil. 10×16,3
Stepanov A.S.
Arrival in the village. 1900s
Oil on canvas. 67×97
Turzhansky L.V.
View of the manor house. 1910s
Cardboard on canvas, oil. 68.7×87
Petrovichev P.I.
Trinity-Sergius Lavra. 1928
Oil on canvas. 80×60,5
Huon C.F.
Portrait. 1900
Cardboard, watercolor, white ink and a brush. 49×43,5
Bogaevsky K.F.
Landscape. 1930
Paper, watercolor. 48.9×63.5 (47.5×61.5)
Voloshin M.A.
Mountain landscape with yellow trees. 1924
Paper, watercolor. 16,3×24
Vereysky G.S.
Interior. 1917
Paper, ink, brush, watercolor, white. 47,8×36,2
Grabar I.E.
Still life with a yellow lampshade. 1891
Oil on canvas. 32.5×27
Zamirailo V.D.
A girl rolling serso. 1910s
Linocut. 29,3×24,8 (20,5×16,5)
Kandaurov A.I.
Witch. Illustration to the poem "hussar" by Alexander Pushkin. 1899
Paper, watercolor, ink, pen, brush, graphite pencil. 30.5×18.5
Kustodiev B.M.
Self-portrait with a Nude model. 1910s
Paper, watercolor, graphite pencil. 16,3×15,4
Naumov P.C.
Fantasy on a mythological theme. 1906
Paper, tempera. 23×45,7
Petrov-Vodkin K.S.
Sketch for the painting "Bacchante". 1910
Paper, coal, sanguine. 46×58,5
Serov V.A.
October, 1898
Etching. 50,5×70,7 (35,5×53,3)
Roerich N.K.
Sketch of the painting. 1900s
Paper on cardboard, watercolor, ink, brush, graphite pencil, white. 16,1×11,7 (15,3×8,5)
Serebryakova Z.E.
Landscape with a river. Village Neskuchnoye of the Kursk province. Etude for the painting "bather". The late 1900's-early 1910's
Verger paper, tempera. 46×52,5
Somov K.A.
The underlying model. 1916
Paper, graphite pencil. 27,5×21
Shillingovsky P.A.
Balkans. A series of "Rhodope mountains". 1912
Etching. 43.5×54 (20×27.2)
Bessin V.V.
At night in Petrograd. Monument to Alexander III. 1910s
Plywood, oil. 62.3×77
Vatagin V.A.
An elephant in full dress. 1915
Paper on wood, oil. 49,5×66,5 (41×61,5)
Goryushkin-Sorokopudov I.S.
Portrait of a young lady on the background of a night cafe. 1900s-1910s
Paper, watercolor, tempera. 64,5×48,5
Greenberg V.A.
Sketch of the painting "pan" (pan and the mermaid). 1916
Paper on cardboard, watercolor, charcoal, graphite pencil, gouache. 24,5×25
Zhytomyr A.A.
Ex-libris. 1924
Paper, ink, pen, brush. 10×7,7
Dmitriev A.I.
Fair. At the barges. 1919
Duplicate canvas, oil. 45,5×67,5
Durnov M.A.
Portrait of A. A. # nbsp; Nazarina, nee Durnova, the artist's sister. The end of the 1900s – 1910s
Paper on cardboard, watercolor. 96.5×68.5
Zakharov I.I.
Portrait of a woman. 1910s
Oil on canvas. 53,5×43,2
Kravchenko A.I.
Etude. 1910s
Cardboard, oil. 12,3×18
Malyutin S.V.
Svyatoslav's Dream. Illustration for "the Word about Igor's regiment". 1906
Paper, gouache, watercolor, silver paint, ink, ink, brush, pen. 31×45,5
Efimov I.S.
Joseph The Beautiful. 1910s
Cardboard, tempera. 39.2×62.5
Savinov A.I.
Portrait of a young lady. Second half of the 1900s
Oil on canvas. 82×64
Simonovich-Efimova N.Y.
Low tide in Getari. 1910
Cardboard, tempera, varnish. 45,9×54,7
Ulyanov N.P.
Swing. 1919
Paper, watercolor, graphite pencil. 45,3×37
Shevchenko A.V.
Redhead. 1908
Cardboard, gouache, graphite pencil. 26,5×22,3
Anisfeld B.I.
Sulamith. 1933
Autolithography. 51×36,4 (44,2×34)
Bogomazov A.K.
Street. Three ladies. 1910s
Paper, coal. 28×20,2 (18,8×20,5)
Galadzhev P.S.
Sketch of a theatrical costume for the production of K. # nbsp; Goleizovsky's "Salome". 1923
Paper, graphite pencil, gouache, ink, brush, applique, gold foil. 20×12,6
Dobrokovsky M.V.
Landscape with rainbows. 1921
Paper, watercolor. 20,8×28 (15,5×20,5)
Kuznetsov N.E.
Fair in Sidorovsky. 1911
Oil on canvas. 49.7×61
Lebedev V.V.
Interior. 1910s
Paper, graphite pencil. 13,2×21,2 (11,5×13,9)

Lentulov A.V.
Woman in the sun (M. P. Lentulova). 1910
Duplicate canvas, oil. 45,5×65
Mikuli A.F.
Still life with a mask. 1910s
Oil on canvas. 49.5×36
Puni I.A.
Cubist composition. The beginning of the 1920s
Paper, watercolor, graphite pencil. 11,5×9,2
Sofronova A.F.
Portrait of M. K. # nbsp; Sokolov. 1931
Paper, pencil. 21×17,5
Carnach B.N.
Walk. 1917
Cardboard, oil. 21,8×29
Bowder O.
Circus project. 1924
Paper, graphite pencil, ink, pen, brush, watercolor. 61.2×92 (56.5×89.5)
Grunberg V.Y.
The facade project. 1920
Paper, watercolor, pen, ink. 61×89,5 (53,5×81,8)
Iofan B.M.
Architectural fantasy. 1910s
Paper, watercolor, ink, pen, brush. 25×33,8
Fomin I.A.
The project of the shore abutment of the Borodino bridge in Moscow. Sketch of an etching. 1911
Paper, charcoal, pastel, graphite pencil. 99.5×75.5 (51.5×88.5)
Kaufman S.A.
Architectural sketch. 1919
Paper on cardboard, watercolor, graphite pencil. 66,5×85,3
Andreev N.A.
Portrait of the sculptor's sister L. A. Andreeva. Middle. 1910s
Gypsum. V. 62.5
Vrubel M.A.
Berendei. 1898–1899
Majolica. V. 48.5
Ginzburg I.Y.
Portrait of A. p. # nbsp; Ostroumova-Lebedeva. 1924
The plaster is tinted. V. 33,5
Golubkina A.S.
Male torso. 1909
Tinted plaster. V. 33
Dietrich L.A.
Salome's Dance. 1910s
Tinted plaster. V. 33
Domogatskii V.N.
Michelangelo. 1914
The plaster is tinted. 62×43
Efimov I.S.
A Faun going up the stream. 1915
The ebb of the end of the XX century heirs with the author's form.
Bronze. V. 42
Konenkov S.T.
God Of Hosts, 1915-1916
Tinted wood. V. 73
Korolev B.D.
Maenad (dancing draped female figure). Etude. 1909
The plaster is tinted. V. 50
Matveev A.T.
Putting on a stocking. 1912. Low tide of the 1960s
Gypsum. V. 90
Mukhina V.I.
Seated figure. 1913
The plaster is tinted. V. 15
Ober A.L.
A Faun with a Bacchante. Sketch of a decorative dish. 1898
Terracotta. Diameter of 52.5
Trubetskoy P.P.
Two ladies. 1910s
Gilded gypsum. V. 54,5
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