Russian art 1920-1950. Leningrad
Russian art 1920-1950. Leningrad
Annenkov Y.P.
She became his girl. 1920s
Paper, ink, pen. 30.1×22
Vereysky G.S.
Portrait of F. R. Dunaevsky. 1930s
Canvas on cardboard, oil. 40×30
Warriors V.V.
Moscow. Winter landscape. 1926
Paper, ink, brush. 54×42,8
Kruglikova E.S.
Stachek Street, 1937
Color etching. 42×51,8 (29,5×38,7)
Konashevich V.M.
Still life with a flower. 1930s
Chinese paper, watercolor. 63.2×46.3
Dormidontov N.I.
Leningrad after breaking the blockade. 1943
Paper, ink, pen, brush, pastel. 53×73,5
Lebedev V.V.
Portrait of the poet Anatoly Marienhoff. 1943
Oil on canvas. 62×51
Lvov P.I.
Factory-kitchen of Kirovsky district. First half of the 1930s
Oil on canvas. 72×96,5
Matveeva-Mostova Z.Y.
On the market. 1920s
Oil on canvas. 104.5×136
Mitrokhin D.I.
From Gas street. By the Karpovka river. 1925
Paper, graphite pencil, watercolor. 17,5×22
Petrov-Vodkin K.S.
The city. 1920
Paper, ink, pen. 38.5×31.5
Rudakov K.I.
For reading. Sheet from the "NEP" cycle.
The end of the 1920s
Paper, watercolor, ink, pen, brush, graphite pencil. 18×21,9
Telyakovsky V.V.
Leningrad. Night. 1925
Cardboard, oil. 36×47,5
Tyrsa N.A.
Nude model with a book on Finnish fabric. 1934
Oil on canvas. 68×49,3
Hildebrandt-Arbenina O.N.
In the room. 1928
Cardboard, oil. 26×34
Yurkun Y.I.
Two. In the early 1930s
Paper, watercolor, ink, pen. 14,9×17,8
Basmanov P.I.
Walk. 1933
Paper, watercolor, gouache. 15,9×22,6
Vazhnova P.I.
Demonstration. The 1960s
Paper, pencil, ink, pen, watercolor. 31,7×29,2 (26×24)
Vasnetsov Y.A.
Vyatka. White house. The beginning of the 1920s
Paper, pastels, colored and graphite pencils. 32,3×41,3
Evgrafov N.I.
The city. 1930s
Oil on canvas. 65×123,5
Emelyanov N.D.
Landscape with a tree. Late 1920s – early 1930s
Oil on canvas. 78×65
Yermolaev B.N.
Girl with a guitar. 1940s
Oil on canvas. 91.5×84
Yermolaeva V.M.
Conversation of philosophers. Portico. Option. Illustration for the poem "on the nature of things" by Titus Lucretius Cara. 1934
Paper, gouache. 31,5×22
Salzman P.Y.
Defeated. 1936
Paper, pencil, oil. 31.2×17.8
Zyryanov F. I.
Still life with fruits and white flowers. Late 1920s – early 1930s
Oil on canvas. 64.2×59
Kazanskaya M.B.
At the table. 1932-1937
Oil on canvas. 50×40
Krimm E.M.
Reaper. 1929-1932
Wood, oil. 19.7×30
Leporskaya A.A.
Portrait of a peasant woman. Second half of the 1930s
Oil on canvas. 79.5×66.2
Rozhdestvensky K.I.
Self-portrait with glasses. 1931
Cardboard, oil. 42.5×34.5
Rojak E.M.
Still life. 1983
Cardboard, magazine clippings, glue, collage. 25,2×18,7
Yudin L.A.
Landscape with a barrel. 1938
Paper, ink, pen, watercolor. 21×29,2
Belakovskaya V.M.
Wall in the woods. From the series "Traktorostroy". 1930
Oil on canvas. 44,5×49
Brodaty L.G.
Telegram. Around 1930
Oil on canvas. 69.7×89.7
Vedernikov A.S.
At the stadium. Lenin's. 1930s
Oil on canvas. 69.5×89
Greenberg V.A.
Winter. Evening. 1933
Oilcloth, oil. 50,5×69
Kuperwasser T.I.
Religion is the opium of the people. In the early 1930s
Oil on canvas. 124.5×84
Lapshin N.F.
Winter. Ice rink. 1930s
Oil on canvas. 56×69
Nemenova G.M.
Still life. 1930s
Oil on canvas. 34×34
Osolodkov P.A.
Girl. Late 1920s – early 1930s
Oil on canvas. 105×72,5
Pakulin V.V.
In the foundry. 1929–1932
Duplicate canvas, oil. 80×120
Pakhomov. A.F.
A woman stands up. 1928
Oil on canvas. 93.5×52.7
Pochtennyj A.P.
Pioneer camp. In the early 1930s
Oil on canvas. 61.5×71.5
Proshkin V.N.
Harvest. 1929
Oil on canvas. 66×80,5
Rusakov A.I.
Study on the Karpovka. 1920s
Oil on canvas. 33.5×50.3
Samokhvalov A.N.
Girl in a t-shirt (tennis player). Sketch for lithography. 1930s Tracing paper, lithographic pencil. 61.7×40
Vasnetsov Y.A.
Lady on the Ottoman. 1959
Color autolithography. 47×62 (31,2×45,7)
Vedernikov A.S.
Model at the pier glass. 1955
Color autolithography. 63×48 (54,2×39,5)
Vereysky G.S.
The view from the window on Bolshoi Prospekt of Vasilyevsky island. 1935
Autolithography. 30,5×38,3 (29×36)
Yermolaev B.N.
Sparkling water. 1947
Color autolithography. 61,7×47,2 (43,5×32,5)
Zagoskin D.E.
Skating rink. 1939
Color autolithography. 57,5×43 (44,8×32,5)
Konashevich V.M.
Day of rest. 1939
Color autolithography. 57,7×43,3 (43,7×32)
Kruglikova E.S.
Astras. 1917
Monotype. 37×50,5 (26,5×40)
Kurdov V.I.
Cutting the vine. One thousand nine hundred thirty nine
Colour autolithograph. 44×60,7 (32,8×43)
Pakhomov A.F.
Young naturalists in Artek. 1934
Color autolithography. 66,8×48,7 (59×40,5)
Samokhvalov A.N.
The discus thrower. 1930s
Color autolithography. 56,5×47 (43×33,5)
Vedernikov A.S.
Composition. Second half of the 1940s – 1950s
Plaster on plywood, gouache. 80,5×58
Vorob'ev B.Y.
Naked in the bath. 1938
Porcelain. V. 24,2
Demina K.P.
Woman with a sunflower. Inkwell. 1930s
The plaster is tinted. V. 22,8
Kaplyanskii B.E.
The girl with the raised hand. 1946-1949
Shamot, watering. V. 29
Samokhvalov A.N.
A girl in a t-shirt. 1971
The plaster is tinted. V. 36,5
Matveev A.T.
Portrait of Alexander Pushkin. 1938–1940
Tinted plaster. V. 36
Shuriga P. N.
East. 1958
Porcelain, colorless glaze. V. 23,5
Suvorov I.I.
Invalid. The end of the 1920s
Wood, painting, wax. V. 32,5
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