Williams P.V.
Sketch of the scenery for the play "the invisible Lady" by P.; Calderon in the production of V. Ya.; Stanitsyn in the Moscow theater "Comedy".1939
Paper, oil. 38.8×57
Vyalov K.A.
Railway station. Baku, 1933
Oil on canvas. 79×65
Goncharov A.D.
Oil tanks on the pier. Novorossiysk. 1930
Paper, watercolor, gouache. 41,7×63,6
Ermilova-Platova E.F.
At the station. 1932
Oil on canvas. 53.3×64
Denisovsky N.B.
A steam dredge. far East. From the "Gold" series. 1930
Paper, watercolor, gouache. 26,5×36,2
Echeistov A.G.
Geometric figure. 1920s
Paper, ink, brush, graphite pencil. 29,5×23,5
Karachentsov P.Y.
Fitters. 1930s
Paper, gouache, red and black ink, pen. 41,3×29,5
Zhytomyr A.A.
Holiday. Illustration for the magazine "GROWTH" # 21. First half of the 1930s
Paper, ink, pen, brush, whitewash. 31,5×24,5
Kupreyanov N.N.
Seamstresses. 1920s
Paper, ink, brush, pen, graphite pencil 35.5×26.5
Labas A.A.
Navigator. 1936
Paper, tempera, whitewash. 44,5×31,4
Nyssa G.G.
In the way. Winter. Second half of the 1940s
Oil on canvas. 56.7×59.5
Pimenov Y.I.
Still life with an orange. 1944
Cardboard, oil. 26,2×34
Platov F.F.
Still life with a plaster sculpture and a red decanter. 1930
Paper, watercolor. 57,3 x 40,2
Chebotarev K.K.
Illustration to the fairy tale by B. V.; Shergin "Gilded foreheads". 1935
Cardboard, oil. 49×62,2 (37,8×44,3)
Cheremnykh M.M.
Keep your eyes open. 1931
Paper, gouache, ink, charcoal, pastel. 43.7×31.8
Kuzmin N.V.
Winter. 1939
Paper, watercolor. 47.2×36
Mavrina T.A.
Naked on the couch. 1930s
Paper, watercolor, white, pencil, ink, brush. 44×31,1
Milashevsky V.A.
Butcher's gate. 1930
Paper, ink, pen, match. 36,4×27,5
Sokolov M.K.
Double portrait. Second half of the 1920s
Charcoal on paper. 34,3 x 25,7
Udaltsova N.A.
Old Mink. Yerevan, 1933
Oil on canvas. 44,5×55
Sofronova A.F.
Passers. 1935
Paper, watercolor, ink, pen. 30.8×35.4
Barto R.N.
Eastern woman with a child. 1931
Monotype. 48,8×38,5 (36×28)
Viting N.I.
Railway construction.
In the early 1930s
Oil on canvas. 53×70
Golopolosov B.A.
Delivery of fish to the scow. 1931
Paper, watercolor. 17×20 (13,3×16)
Zefirov K.K.
Etude for the painting " Divers. EPRON". 1932
Oil on canvas. 62.5×50
Pochitalov V.V.
Solikamsk. The industrial landscape. 1937
Oil on canvas. 63,5×74,5
Perutsky M.S.
Alurna. Slavutych. 1922
Cardboard on plywood, oil. 48.3×58.8
Fonvizin A.V.
Portrait of N. M.; Vesnina, wife of the architect V. A.; Vesnina. 1944
Paper, watercolor. 60,5×44
Solov'yov L.N.
Gorky. Over The Volga. 1934
Oil on canvas. 50×60
Rublev G.I.
Red army soldiers at the pioneers in the camp. 1932
Paper, tempera, gouache. 43,3×49
Shevchenko A.V.
Sketch for the portrait of the actress. 1929
Thin cardboard, tempera, white. 44×35
Khoroshkevich L.N.
Launch of the balloon. Tverskoy Boulevard, 1944
Oil on canvas. 113.5×99.5
Konchalovsky P.P.
Abramtsevo. Oak grove. 1920
Oil on canvas. 58×88,5
Kuprin A.V.
Crimean landscape. Back alley. 1936
Oil on canvas. 79×105
Lentulov A.V.
In the Park of culture and recreation. The end of the 1920s
Paper, watercolor, graphite pencil. 44,5×64,3
Osmerkin A.A.
Self-portrait. 1941-1947
Oil on canvas. 52×43,5
Fedorov G.V.
Novorossiysk cement plant. 1929
Oil on canvas. 71,5×121
Falk R.R.
Still life with sunflowers, Rowan and pears. 1945
Oil on canvas. 60.5×80.7
Bruni L.A.
Thunderstorm. 1920s
Paper, tempera. 79.7×67
Vatagin V.A.
Memories of Ceylon. 1936
Plywood, oil. 99.5×76.5
Efimov I.S.
I was coming from the play. 1934
Paper, lithographic pencil, pastel. 63.5×45
Istomin K.N.
Lidochka with a cigarette. 1930
Paper, graphite pencil, watercolor, gouache. 46,5×37,5 (42×37,5)
Kravchenko A.I.
In the Gorky Park of culture and recreation. 1938
Woodcut. 28×39 (19,8×30,8)
Lebedeva S.D.
Nude. 1920s
Paper, ink, brush. 27×21,5
Simonovich-Efimova N.Y.
Festive demonstration in Izhevsk. 1932
Oil on canvas. 53×72
Saryan M.S.
Working village and cement factory in Davalu (Armenia). 1937
Oil on canvas. 89×129
Shadr I.D.
Portrait Of V. I. Mukhina. 1930s
Paper, lithographic pencil. 51,5×45,7 (41,5×43)
Favorsky V.A.
In the metro. 1939
Woodcut. 35×39,7 (22,6×29,8)
Tatlin V.E.
Portrait of a young man. 1942
Paper, pencil. 32×20
Shakirov K.N.
Eyes. 1932
Paper, brown ink, pen. 48×65
Shukhaev V.I.
La Ciota. 1929
Canvas, tempera. 60×78,2
Yakovlev A.E.
Portrait of a woman. 1930
Paper, sanguine, coal. 57.5×43.3
Gerasimov S.V.
Discussion of the exhibition by Moscow artists. 1944
Paper, watercolor, graphite pencil. 51×61 (40×51,2)
Grushevskaya T.N.
Seamstresses. From the series " Zagorsk. Factory of art toys". 1935
Wallpaper, ink, pen, brush, watercolor, whitewash. 42,6×46,5
Zenkevich B.A.
Ilyinsky gate. 1933
Oil on canvas. 81×65,5
Kostiantyn V. N.
Camp in the mountains. The beginning of the 1920s
Plywood, oil. 77,5×59,2
Kulikov I.S.
Pioneer with a horn. Second half of the 1920s – 1930s
Oil on canvas. 84.5×53.5
Lebedev D.V.
Requiem. 1930
Oil on canvas. 98×80,5
Magidson A.S.
Construction of the Bobrikov chemical plant. 1935
Cardboard, tempera. 48×52,5
Razumovskaya Y.V.
In a tram. 1930s
Oil on canvas. 79×93
Monin A.A.
Horse racing. 1934
Oil on canvas. 40×200
Shurpin F.S.
Expectation. Late 1920s – early 1930s
Oil on canvas. 83,5×63,5
Rodova E.I.
Conviction of a truant. From the Metro cycle. 1934
Paper, watercolor, gouache, pastel. 70×52,5
Yakovlev V.N.
Fruit on a tray. 1953
Oil on canvas. 60×80
Yanovskaya O.D.
Artists of the Bolshoi theater welcome production drummers in the box. 1935
Oil on canvas. 72.2×69.5
Antonov F.V.
Portrait of his wife (Silich Ln). About 1940
Oil on canvas. 49×40
Elagin A.I.
Berlin. 1945
Cardboard, oil. 43×60,5
Gerasimov A.M.
Bombay dancer. 1954
Paper on plywood, watercolor, gouache. 53,6×42
Baranskii A.I.
Fragment of the side ledge of the main entrance of the Palace of Soviets of the USSR. Authors of the project: B. M.; Iofan and V. G.; Gelfreich. 1946
Etching. 58.7×46 (50.5×40)
Iofan B.M.
palace of Soviets. Sverdlovsk version. Fragment of the high-rise part. 1942
Tracing paper pasted on cardboard, pencil. 89.5×49.3
Rublev I.G.
Sketch of the mural of the theater in Murmansk (possibly in collaboration with G. I.; Rublev). 1954
Canvas on plywood, tempera. 100×100
Feinberg L.E.
Caucasus. Sketch of a panel for the Kursk railway station. 1948
Paper, watercolor, gouache. 39,5×63,5 (33×63,5)
Eisenstadt M.B.
Physical culture. Fragment of the sculptural and architectural composition "Dedication to Lucas Cranach". 1929–1933
Gypsum. V. 112.5

Arendt A.A.
A Crimean Tatar. 1926
Tinted plaster. V. 30
Babichev A.V.
The picking of the grapes. Relief for the agricultural exhibition. 1938
Majolica. 27×31
Bulakowski S.F.
Worker with a hammer. 1927
Artificial stone. V. 76,5
Vatagin V.A.
Mermaid. 1934
Tinted wood, painted. V. 48
Golubkina A.S.
Berezka. One thousand nine hundred twenty seven
Gypsum. V. 97,5
Efimov I.S.
Acrobat with a ball. 1927
Faience, underglaze and overglaze painting, gilding. V. 39,5
Zelensky A.E.
Self-portrait. 1930s
Metal, knocking out. 35×27
Korolev B.D.
Standing naked, leaning on a pedestal. 1923
Gypsum. V. 44
Kun Y.A.
Young man. 1930s
Kebracho. V. 41,5;V. with post. 49,5
Lebedeva S.D.
Portrait of S. ya.; Marshak. 1943
The plaster is tinted. 17,5 V.
NISS-Gol'dman N.I.
Portrait Of V. Y.;Bryusov. 1924
Tinted gypsum, wood, metal. V. 79
Frikh-Har I.G.
Tiger. Box. 1937
Faience, underglaze and overglaze polychrome painting. V. 15
Fomin K.E.
Forest-Flower. 1930s
Tree. V. 52.3
Pommer Y.P.
Nude with drapery. 1930s
Tinted plaster. V. 46
Cold M.P.
The Gal at the piano. Music lesson. Fragment.
Faience, painting. 40×22
Chaikov I.M.
Circus. Sketch. Composition. 1941
Zinc. V. 27
Yakerson D.A.
Kubo-Suprematist figure (model of the monument). 1920
Bronze, patination. V. 36,5
Bazhenova Z.V.
Uzbek. 1947
Majolica. V. 28.5
Belashov M.G.
Border guard. Fragment of the composition. 1930s
Majolica. V. 36,2
Belashova E.F.
Youth. 1949
The plaster is tinted. V. 43,5
Mukhina V.I.
Uzbek woman with a jug. Sketch of a figure for the unfulfilled project "Fountain of nationalities" in Moscow. 1933
Gypsum. V. 51
Sotnikov A.G.
Anglerfish. 1941
Porcelain, underglaze painting. V. 64
Manizer M.G.
Physical education student. 1947
Gypsum. V. 58
Strakhovskaya M.M.
Genius. 1931
The plaster is tinted. V. 205
Sudbinin S.N.
Christmas, 1930s
Ceramic mass, gilding. V. 29.5
Erzya S.D.
Dream. 1934
Kebracho. V. 22; V. with post. 28
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